Quick and easy Twitter integration for Wordpress


Say hello to Tweetomatic.

The really simple Wordpress Twitter feed.

The new Twitter API makes it pretty hard work to get your tweets to display on your Wordpress site. Tweetomatic makes it easy again.

Just follow the three stages below, and you can be display your tweets on your Wordpress site in less than five minutes - with no ugly styling or Twitter branding. Style to your heart's content.

And if you're looking for more options, the Pro version is available now at the bargain price of $4 - for multiple tweets, tweet filtering, limits, and more.


Download Tweetomatic Basic


How to set up your Twitter feed

1. Sign into Twitter API and register an app.
  • Click the 'Create a new application' button.
  • Give it a unique name (It can be random. We suggest 'tweetomatic_BUWpEn'), a description, and a website address.
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA and click 'Create my application'.
2. Download and install the Tweetomatic plugin.
  • Download the plugin, unzip, and upload to your /plugins folder.
  • Add your Consumer and Access tokens from your Twitter app.
  • Add your Twitter username.
3. Insert the shortcode, or integrate the Tweetomatic widget.
  • Drag the Tweetomatic widget to your sidebar to list your tweets.
  • Or use the [tweetomatic] shortcode to display your tweets in your site content.
  • If you're integrating it into a theme, you can use the get_shortcode function: <?php echo do_shortcode("[tweetomatic]"); ?>