Quick and easy Twitter integration for Wordpress



Tweetomatic can be integrated into your website either as a widget in the sidebar of your site, or as a shortcode:


A number of arguments can be configured which can be used on both the widget and shortcode implementations:

Basic version


Display tweets from a specified Twitter user, other than the default specified in Settings. This can be any public username.

[tweetomatic user="foo"]


Sets the title of the Tweetomatic widget. Appears above the widget.

[tweetomatic title="Tweets"]

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Pro version

Number of Tweets

Sets the number of tweets to display. Maximum 30.

[tweetomatic count=3]

Show timestamp

Display ‘2 days ago’..

[tweetomatic show_timestamp="false"]

Show retweets

Sets whether retweets of other users display, as true or false. Defaults to true.

[tweetomatic show_retweets="true"]

Show replies

Sets whether tweets starting with an @username display, as true or false. Defaults to true.

[tweetomatic show_replies="false"]

Before/After Tweet

Sets HTML to be displayed before and/or after your twitter feed.

[tweetomatic before_tweet="" after_tweet="<br /><br />"]

Multiple parameters

As in the example above, multiple parameters can be configured by putting them in sequence in the shortcode:

[tweetomatic user="foo" show_replies="false" count=3]

Styling Tweetomatic

Tweetomatic doesn’t style at all by default. We’ve left it this way so that it can either inherit styles from your theme, or so that users can enter their own styles by adding them to their theme stylesheet.

For basic styling, you can do something like the following:

.tweetomatic { /* Tweetomatic container */
scroll-x: auto;

.tweetomatic p { /* Individual tweets */
color: #dd0000;

Need an option that isn’t listed? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.